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I’m trippin

Baby, I see colors when we slowly kiss
Each other, like no other, where does it go
I can barely breathe when are lips float to the rhythm
So so slow
I am trippin
I get, I get lost in the time, let my tongue climb
On top of you, you see how I grew
I want you baby, I want you so bad, so so bad
We are more than a minute, we soar for hours in everyday
Your command I obey, I wanna play, I wanna play
Under the blue sky, let me fly, can you feel the high
My tongues is a kite your voice is a string
This magical and its real, do tha dam thing do tha dam thing
I am trippin


You Are

You are the most loveliest you are the rain
My love for you can be sugar
My love for you can be pain
I can never stop loving you
God made you a part of my heart
Embrace me as your one and only love
I die a million times when we are apart
To hear you say I love you
Moves my oceans peacefully to and fro
I will tell you I love you a zillion times
Cause no matter what my love, you deserve to know
I will never leave your side
A permanent fixture on your soul
Caring, loving, caressing, holding you
Time never stops, as we grow old
So Hold my hand and fly away with me
Lets see this love from above as a cloud
It has occurred so beautiful and naturally
I want to stand on the moon, and scream I love you out loud
If you didn’t think this love was real
Then your eyes have been closed to the light
I will battle all the darkness around the world
Cause what you and I have is worth the fight

You Know I Know

U kno that I kno
U r beautiful to me
Out of them big pretty eyes
What do u see in me
What I see
Is a fantasy of a woman
Virtuous and true
Sexy in my thoughts
In my mind I am stuck on u
An angel with light glistening in gold
Ur beauty is a rose
Just let me hold



I woke this morning
And I didn’t want to breathe
I didn’t want to see the sun
I didn’t want the orange
I didn’t want the blue
I didn’t want stop
I didn’t want to run
I had to breathe
When I felt your text
The muscle in my love seem to flex
Each letter in your rhythm was my sunshine
The vision of my love was so blind
And intertwined
With nothingness
Oh GOD Bless
It was you
My single love was now divided by two
I can feel your warm
And want to lick your intense
Your presence in my mind is immense
I breathe
With each breath
For you, its all I have left
The thought of your lips hips and chest
Linger on my tongue
To lose the thought really stung
I can only want you
Like the desire for food
I only want to love you
Your love is pursued
I want to pull you in
More than a friend
You are my grin
I want to feel you
Let me steal you
Let me undress my passion
For your eyes
Relieve this calm man disguise
I think of our first glance
First touch
So much, so much
I want this to be real
So much appeal
I wanna feel

Pitter Patter

Pitter Patter

The rain go pop

Against my window pain

I hope it never stops


I can’t
You’re just
Baby wow
Kissing you
Oh your lips
My hands
Can’t stop
I feel
I love you

Near me
Just sexy
Soo beautiful
Every thought
Is You
I love you

Have you ever been so in LOVE
That you can’t seem to focus on the simple things in life
Never thought about marriage
Yet evolved LOVE makes your consider being a wife
Or a day without a thought to considering
a life with me and how it would actually be lived
You ever wonder if I was even real?
I give you a lot now, but how much LOVE could I actually give
I know I am so stuck so stuck on you
I tried to right a poem for someone but my heart was in another room
And if I did write something, it would be to you
Baby, I am just so consumed
Why GOD brought us together in this way
I will probably never no,
But GOD has made it even harder just to try let go
Right now, I am still more in LOVE with you
Than the day I actually held your hand
The hour glass is but an hour
Yet to lose thoughts of you would require a lot more sand
And I want to I want to move on
I need to move, but you live in my dreams with a key and white picket fence
Your home is made of brick,
It’s the only house in my head, it makes no sense
Is LOVE even made of rational thought?
When I see you come to my home,
Does the LOVE for your soul make my body so white white hot?
And what is really scary is that you feel the same way
A dreadlock man, not me, could actually mess up your day
Or a song by Chris Brown will bring your thoughts to Chris Brown
I am silly as hell but the irony of these coincidences make me frown.
Your name on a License Plate and a story about you on the front page of a magazine
Could potentially drive me insane
If I don’t sigh, I will actually lie, And try to tell you bye bye
And let my heart walk around staggered needing a cane.
Bottom line sweat heart, Is that I will never get over you
You can look at in 360 degrees, and see that my LOVE for you is true
Unbreakable, unable to control
You are my soulmate, unable to give me your soul
Yet I will always LOVE you


I think of you on a consistent basis
Hovering as I sweat, over your lovemaking faces
It’s more than just game in so many places
Spiritual to me, we intertwine like fat laces

And I feel you inside my mind and my heart
Never felt a love like this but this is a good start
Reflections of you close when we are far apart
Bull eyes for a woman, I just threw up a dart

You say I deserver more, and maybe so
I am in love with you, I don’t mind staying low
I enjoy giving it to you and watching you glow
Can’t replace this love, I’m feeling it grow

You’re a heavenly body, I don’t want this to end
I want to love you close, be more than just a friend
Your Heart, guard it like a lion in a den
The quiver of you lips, emits a devilish grin

I know you’re not the devil, but damn you make it hot
Got me shaking moving licking giving everything I got
Bumbles bees can move, sipping honey out your pot
Let me move it right here, I think I hit the right spot

When I close eyes, see nothing but you
I love you when we make one from two
When you left my arms, I could swear you flew
Angels near my heart, are the pictures I once drew

I can wait to feel you and touch you the very next time
I can wait to be inspired by you, to write my next rhyme
You are so high up, I will climb climb climb
Until then next time we meet, I will set the chime.


Accused you of being an arsonist
Baby you are hotter than the sun
I have a gasoline heart girl
Boom!!!! Boom!!!! Somebody call 9-1-1
I’ve slept on a glacier,
And even drank the ocean dry
I would tell you that the fire is out
But I am no good at telling a lie

I could say I’m in love with another
Only if she was a precise clone
And still I wouldn’t even love her
Want the original for my own
I still burn for you
Polyester melts across my chest
Cotton erupts in flames can’t stop it
It’s you your spirit and nothing less

Please forgive me the Heat of my passion
It blazes it can’t be suppressed
I try to be a great man baby
Being in love with you, I am just so blessed
Angels stare at me
As they watch my insides burn
They know that I love you
Smiles on their wings as they watch me yearn

You could witness me in the dark, girl
The glow of my heart is just so bright
I can lead a ship out the dark ocean water
If they needed a loving guiding light
Smoke rises higher, can you see how I’ve grown
But when I stop, I roast for you
At night in my bed
You can hear me moan
This LOVE was no infatuation

I cannot deny
My love is so fly
For you in every single way
I love you more the sun
You are the most beautiful one
Our love is like that Romeo and Juliet play
I can be looking at a smile
Then have to pause a while
Cause your sends me in a spin
Then hold you tight
Absorb your lovely light
Which creates my heavenly grin
I often talk about love
I talk you floating above
You are my every thought and I love you so
I day dream of kissing you
And more I would love to do
So that you can really feel my glow
If prayers come true
My prayers include you
You’ll have a ring that symbolizes infinite love
Baby, I’ll give you me
And love you times three
Cause my love for you comes from up above